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3 Prime Locations to Install Home Security Cameras

If you are planning to offer security to your family members, then you should definitely consider installing CCTV cameras in your house. By installing these digital monitoring systems, you will not only offer protection to your family, but also you can have a view of the situations. However, in order to enjoy complete protection, it is essential that you place the cameras in the right location. In fact, experts are of the opinion that if security cameras are not fixed in the right locations, then you won’t be able to track the situation in proper manner and criminals may become successful in their evil motives.

However, if you have no idea, as for where to install the devices, then this article will help you out. Here, in this article, some of the prime locations for installing the electronic monitoring systems are discussed that will help you to reach for a decision.

Front Door

It is one of the prime locations because all the visitors enter through the front door and the surveillance system will have maximum interaction. So, when you install a security camera at your main entrance, you are required to consider it from the viewpoint of offering security. In addition to that, researches revealed that the front door is the popular entry point for criminals and so, these systems should be highlighted over there. The visibility of the device will restrict the chance of criminals entering your campus. Once criminals will be aware of the fact that they are being observed, they will undoubtedly try to skip the place instead of entering the campus.

Off-Street Window

Another preferred location for the burglars to enter into a house is off-street window. It is because they believe that there are less chances of being caught, if they enter through this source. So, you should install one such device at this location in order to protect your house from criminals.


If you have a backyard in your house, then you must definitely consider this place for installing a security camera as it is again one of the popular spots for forced entry. Fix a security camera with night vision and motion detection features in this location, which will help you to track the entire area, offering complete protection to your family and valuables.

These are some of the major locations where you must place the security cameras. Apart from the above discussed, there must be many other locations which you may think could be the possible sources for break-ins. Install network camera into those places, with the help of which you can have real-time monitoring experience and can take effective measures according to the situation, securing your family and house campus.

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