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9 Proven Web Tools & Services for 2017

Now that 2017 is already near its end, it’s time to have a look at the best web tools and services experts recommended this year. Most of these are known to be capable of offering highly reputed solutions. Listed below are some of the tested and the best web tools and services for the year 2017 that promise to make life easier for web designers and freelance front and back-end developer and other web pros:

1. Hosting Booth

It is mandatory to have an excellent hosting solution in 2017. The websites must load fast and ensure the highest security standards and most importantly live. This is easier with Hosting Booth. All you need to do is check out their hosting solutions comparison. Thereafter, sign up for the provider that’s suitable for your needs. The pricing will depend on the hosting solution.

2. Wideo

It presently enjoys more than 1,700,000 clients! The tool is known to be one of the best video animation makers. Use of this brilliant will easily create, edit and share videos. All you need to do is simply drag and drop elements or even upload your own images and animate in a few clicks with the best online animation tool. You can register for the 7-day free trial. Wideo is charged at $19 per month.

3. Pagely

Also known to be among the best WordPress hosting solutions available on the market, the solutions are adapted for several varieties of uses and customer types. It is priced at $499 per month.

4. Logo123

The professional logo123 is a professional logo maker with Artificial Intelligence (the algorithm learns your presents preferences and ensuring presents more designs that match tastes). It promises to offer a free, basic plan and its first premium package $49. It comes for free. The first premium plan starts from $49.

5. uCalc

The calculator builder does not need any coding skills. Simply create a calculator from scratch. You may even choose from fifteen different templates. The builder is easy-to-use, facilitates an unlimited number of fields and all kinds of input data. It collects emails and phone numbers, and sends notifications and invoices. Once a calculator is created, it can be connected to goals in Google Analytics. It is available for free.

6. RumbleTalk

It is a professional online group chat solution. RumbleTalk can be used to develop a social chat room, or for private communities, web chats, and live events. There are over 558,000 group chats created so far, with many clients considering it one of the best options on the market. It comes for free. The premium plans are available for  $14/month.

7. InvoiceBerry

It streamlines billing and expense tracking which further saves you a lot of time and money. You can develop a first, professional, attractive invoice in less than 60 seconds. This platform is perfectly suited to small businesses and freelancers.

8. PSDCenter

Developed in the year 2009, it is a front-end web development agency. Having worked with some of the best graphic designers, marketing companies, and small businesses, it offers excellent communication throughout the project cycle. It also guarantees that the clients are confident with the final result. PSDCenter ensures offers enterprise solutions for creation if theme, graphic design, front-end development, and application development. It also serves as a complete box solution for any business requirements. The pricing will depend on the project.

9. Ezee Rank Tracker

It is ranked as is the best all-in-one rank tracker. This works really well for Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is also very helpful for social signals, YouTube, and much more. The tracker is available with a 100 percent free SERP checker. It is available for a one-off fee and regularly updated for the last 4 years. Priced at $99 for a lifetime license, Ezee definitely makes for the best option.

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