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Some New Features That Siri Brings To Your iOS 11 Device

Siri has brought some great new features in iOS 11 and it won’t be wrong to say that Siri has got even better. Some highlight features were demoed by Apple at the WWDC 2017 earlier this year as well. From Siri Voice changer to on-device learning, there is a whole list of amazing features that Siri brings to the iOS users with latest iteration. Here we have listed three of the best features that new Siri equips you with. Let’s take a look.

  1. Personal Native Apps Recommendations

Something that may not be too welcoming for the privacy-conscious folks, Siri now tracks user interests better. While you continue to use your iOS device, it keeps collecting your data in the background about topics that you have researched on your device and anything that you show interest in, etc. Siri uses all this information for giving you better recommendations for native apps like Maps, Safari, News and Messages.

While using iOS 11, you can try News app for getting the actual feel of Siri recommendations. You will be able to see suggestions from Siri in For You tab. These suggestions get more and more specific as you continue to use News app regularly. Siri also offers search suggestions and furnishes your keyboard with autocorrect entries depending on what you read in News, Maps or Safari.

All these suggestions will make your experience better and you will be able to enjoy a personalized one.

  1. Siri Translations

If you often need quick translations, Siri from iOS 11 can help you with that as well. Siri now has the capability to translate in 5 different languages from English including German, Chinese, Spanish and French. And, the number of supported languages will grow in coming months.

It is quite simple to use Siri Translations. You just have to ask Siri to ‘Translate’ or ‘How do I say’ followed by whatever you want to be translated and the language you want Siri to translate it in. As a result, Siri will talk to you back with the translation and also gives its text-based translation. You can find out how to say that and also how to write that same thing in the desired language. So far Siri translations are pretty good and quite accurate as well. However, it’s not as good as Google Translate as of now. Nevertheless, it’s going to get more useful as more languages are added to the mix.

  1. Natural Sounding Voice (Both Female And Male)

As claimed by Apple, the new Siri voices have become more expressive and natural and they adjust intonation, emphasis, pitch and the tempo as Siri speaks. The users have also noticed this difference as well and they are of the view that previously robotic sounding phrases and words now sound more natural.

As far as end users are concerned, this change may not mean a lot, but a lot was done by Apple behind-the-scenes to make Siri sound more natural. Apple has makes use of deep learning for creating such expressive and natural voice for Siri. So far, it shows as well.

Well, these are only a few changes that have come to Siri and there are a lot more new features that are worth trying out. Just get on with Siri in iOS 11 and start exploring it more as you use.

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