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The interesting story of airline apps

The turn of the century is defined as an era belonging to mobile development. In 2009, cellular subscriptions had crossed the mark of four billion. The penetration of the mobile technology in air travel has been a significant one. Every air traveler, nowadays, finds mobile technology as an indispensable communication as well as exploration tool. Such a tool is used for both recreations and businesses. Air travel has undergone several notable changes due to the use of various sophisticated technologies.

As per a recent survey, the contemporary passengers are satisfied with the use of technologies in airlines. The passengers, however, do not turn a blind eye to the possibility of improvements in the services rendered by airline companies. Most passengers believe that every air carrier should incorporate individual mobile applications for easing the flow of its services.

Let us view a couple of hard facts

  • A passenger survey was carried out from April to May 2013. A major part of the survey was done online.
  • The total number of surveyed passengers was 1,000. The surveyed passengers belonged to regions namely Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and Latin America.
  • 84 percent of the surveyed passengers wish to do online, secured transactions (preferably via a mobile app).
  • A detailed interview was taken of air carriers’ senior IT decision makers such as IT directors and CIOs.
  • In 2015, airline mobile apps will be responsible for increased direct channel sales. Such sales are expected to grow from 18 percent to 33 percent.
  • Close to 84 percent of IT decision makers in air carriers have predicted mobile apps to be mission critical in the coming five years.

The findings of the survey, by and large, paint a rosy picture for the future of airline application programs.  The survey was carried out by Coleman Parkes Research Firm.

The advantage of being present in the right place at the most opportune time

Every present-day passenger yearns for the above-mentioned advantage. The passengers – especially the commercial ones – want to be present in the right place at the most opportune time: such is the demand of businesses. Business air travelers live out of their suitcases, and such people, nowadays, heavily rely on their smartphones. And it will be a professional blasphemy if an airline does not give the passengers an opportunity to easily get all the detail about its services.

The many benefits of having an airline mobile app

Such application programs for an airline generate an additional revenue stream as they help display:-

  • Promotional offers
  • Advertisement (preferably of partners)
  • And various direct sales ads

Such high-growth prospect of mobile applications is understood by every leading Airline Mobile Apps company.

In the present-day, competitive scenario, every passenger wants a hassle-free customer service from the hired airlines. And for rendering such seamless customer services, airliners have to hire a professional airline mobile apps services provider. Well-developed smartphone apps let an airliner ensure that its services are seamless and equal on ground and in air.

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