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Tips to create a Flash intro for a company’s website

Understanding the technology


Flash is a container file format that has been an integral part of the Web. The technology offers a convenient way to put interactive, animated movies upon websites. Animated clips are difficult to get installed upon sites without the support of such a technology. Animated banner ads and company introductions, by and large, are designed using Flash itself. The technology has become one of the most cherished tools in a Webmaster’s toolbox – every Flash intro developing company can vouch for the fact.

The technology has delivered the power of animation in the hands of a common man. The technology has made the creation of animation a cakewalk. Moreover, interactivity is one of the most desired features for a website. And video content based on the technology offers a website impeccable interactivity. Many audio visual presentation services, nowadays, use Flash technology for their development.

Points to remember while developing a company’s Flash intro 

Listed below are a couple of points that can help in designing the best of Flash intros. Keeping reading…

  • Always provide a ‘skip’ button in the intro

Please ensure that your video or intro does have a button or widget to skip. The button is bliss for visitors who either don’t want to view the intro or have a low bandwidth connection. It’s best to not test the patience of visitors by forcing them to view the entire video content file.

  • Inclusion of static HTML links above or below the Flash intro

Always note to provide static HTML links for all the significant sections of a webpage. The inclusion of such type of links becomes important for a site that has its navigational menu being built upon the technology. A set of static links can be placed either above or below the intro. Adding static HTML links helps:-

  • Search engine bots index pages of an internet site
  • Humans jump any to page without watching the entire intro
  • A loading message or bar

If the Flash video content exceeds 50kb, then it’s beneficial to put a Loading message. The bar defines the percentage of loading for intro.  Most Webmasters, nowadays, create alluring loading bars. If visitors do not see any loading bar when the intro is getting loaded, then it’s quite a possibility that they close the site.

  • What can you do when the size of video is gargantuan?

A chill runs down the spine of many Webmasters whenever Flash video content is heavy and takes time to load. The best way to manage a heavy video content file is to let visitors engage till loading is done. Most developers rely on animated messages and vector arts to keep visitors engage till video content file gets loaded.

Always remember, such animated arts must never throw any type of sales pitch. Rather, the animation should ask intriguing questions pertaining to businesses or services.

Before embedding Flash intros upon a website, you should ask, “Is there really a need?” Once need is developed, such tips can be harbored to make intros a real asset for any type of website.

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