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What are the several benefits of mobile applications?

In the present-day world, the mobile space is populated by a range of innovative tools as well as smart applications. Such new inventions in the realm of mobile technology have impacted the everyday environment of humans. Thriving in such a dynamic economic environment requires enterprises to introduce highly functional, fast-paced multi-channel communications for employees and customers alike.

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. are a boon to many businesses. The power of social media has complemented with the presence of mobile applications. A recent survey carried out by Compuware shows that close to 85 percent of consumers prefer mobile apps over websites.  Such preference is because the apps, by and large, are easier and faster to use when compared with a traditional mobile website. The total cost to develop mobile compatible website, however, is less.

What’s a mobile app?

A mobile application is a small-sized program, residing upon a smartphone such as Android-powered mobile phones, iPads, Window’s phones, etc. Such type of application programs helps in fulfilling marketing, selling or training objectives of a company. Apps are designed to directly target the relevant consumer base. The fact that one million mobile apps, at present, are performing business-related tasks signifies the importance of mobile web applications development.

The development of mobile applications

Listed below are a few facts (as of 2013) that determine the development of smartphone application programs.

  • As per a report published by Gartner, close to 102 billion apps have been downloaded
  • A whopping 60 billion applications have been downloaded from the Apple’s app store. The store offers close to 1 million apps for iPhones as well as iPads.
  • 50 billion downloads have been done from Google’s Play Store. At present, the android app store has published over a million applications.
  • The use of smartphones has increased the total internet traffic rate by 3.29 percent. Such increase signifies the extreme use of app programs.

Benefits of mobile applications in a nutshell

One of the common benefits found in any type of mobile app is enhanced reliability as well as high speed of the content.  Read on to know some of the most important benefits of smartphone applications.

Applications help:-

  • Consumers get attracted toward a commercial brand
  • In creating a deeper engagement between customers and a business
  • In giving businesses more loyal consumers
  • In easily attracting new prospects using different devices such as tabs, smartphones, etc.
  • In considerably improving customer services
  • In enabling easy sharing of content between different smartphone users
  • In performing automation of business, thereby reducing costs
  • In creating a revenue stream and, consequently, profitability
  • In delivering significant business feedbacks in no time

What makes a mobile app program successful?

The best business application program:-

  • Is easy to use
  • Plans to become a tool upon which users can completely rely
  • Offers absolute value to the end users
  • Delivers bang-up ROIs
  • Should be compatible with a variety of platforms

Common types of smartphone applications are related to finance, social media, business software, etc.

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